Kaindl woodcarver gold

cutting, carving, sculpting, trenching, remodeling, removing of antifouling, glue, paint, etc.

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The ideal tool for all woodworkers, builders, boat builders, sculptors, craftsmen and handymen.

It works in all kinds of wood, chipboard, particleboard, plastics and plaster (no stone!) etc.

Der woodcarver goldAbsolutely NO KICK BACK !

Not comparable with any other tool !

Booth, extremely rough and extremely fine. Removing of the residue of antifouling, silicone, glue, paint or covering.

Ideal to notch of a lot of wood to run electrical wires, cables, conduit or plumbing pipes. The better, faster and more accurate way to do the job.

The Kaindl woodcarver gold works with an unbelievable running smoothness in all directions, up and down, right and left and cuts any shape without dust, chipping or burning And most important it is safe, absolutely NO KICK BACK !

Whenever you have to notch of a lot of wood, to cut, sculpture or form, the Kaindl woodcarver gold is the faster and better alternative.

From Construction to Woodcarving, from Home & Garden to Boats and creative Ice- or Woodworking nothing works faster and better than the new Kaindl woodcarver gold.

Attaches with its diameter of 115 mm fast and easy to any small angle grinder Ø 115 or Ø 125 mm (4 ˝" or 5"). The Kaindl woodcarver gold made of plasma nitride, high quality carbonized steel is hardened to 62 Rockwell and cannot be grinded with normal files or grinders, so you should order our special grinding sticks or our diamond file too.

The safety guard with dust vacuum adaptor allows a safe and dust free work, even indoors!

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diameter 115 mm
max. rpm under pressure 11.000 RPM
max. cutting depth 30 mm, width 9 mm
Always use safety goggles while working!

The Kaindl Multifunction - Saw Blade für angle grinders and saws

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The winner photos of 
the Kaindl competition:

Creative with the Kaindl woodcarver gold - Photo of Gerhard Rehberg from Fernwald Creative with the Kaindl woodcarver gold - Photo of Gerhard Rehberg from Fernwald

1st place: Gerhard Rehberg
from 38463 Fernwald

Creative with the Kaindl woodcarver gold - Photo of Peter Eberlein from Aue

2nd place: Peter Eberlein from
08280 Aue 

Creative with the Kaindl woodcarver gold - Photo of Manfred Sackmann from Freudenstadt-Grüntal

3rd place: Manfred Sackmann from
72250 Freuden-stadt-Grüntal

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