Kaindl Diamant Sichtschleifscheibe - und Sie behalten erstmals den Durchblick!Diamond View Disk
for your power drill

…and you'll never lose your sight!
The Kaindl Diamond View Disk give you free sight and total control of your workpiece.
  • For the first time in your life during the grinding operation
    you can look through the diamond grinding disk to see
    your workpiece.
  • You exactly see where and how much the grinding wheel
    takes away.
  • You always automatically sharp and grind in the correct angle.
  • You only remove as much or as little as needed.
  • The high-quality diamond coating guarantees extreme
    durability and allows you to process any material.
  • The only 3 mm (0.12 inch) thickness of the disk enables
    you to grind into very narrow tools, surfaces and angles.
  • Boreholes in the diamond wheel cool the workpiece
    so effectively, that a cooling agent is not necessary.
  • now available in two different grits

The Kaindl Diamond View Disk with a dia­meter of 110 mm fits every power drill (adap­tor inclu­ded).

The Universal Clamp with ball jointBest view with the Kaindl Diamond View Disk and the Precision Optical Lens Light can be or­dered sepa­rately and allows a safe fixing of your power drill in every posi­tion you need.

The Precision Optical Lens Light with neon light al­lows an espe­cially pre­cise work with the dia­mond view disk as well as the Looking through Grin­ding Machine.

Remains of grinding dust inside the diamond view disk can be removed with the Special-Cleaning Rubber.

Our tip: The slower you run your power drill the more time you have to align your tool exactly and the faster and better your grinding result will be.

If you dispose a fast Internet connection of DSL or a different one, you can look here at the english information video (3 ½ minutes, altogether 23 MB) for the Kaindl diamond view disk, please click on the start arrow:



You can download the video also either as a flash video file (flv, 23 MB) or higher compressed as a Windows Media file (wmv, 9.6 MB), click on the corresponding link with the right mouse button and choose "save connected file / link as ...".



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